Facebook / Twitter Style Mention System with PHP, MYSQL & jQuery

Facebook / Twitter style mention system with PHP is one of the cool implementation in the social networks. It is used to mention the particular user by adding @ symbol infront of the username. When you start typing @ followed by username, social networks automattically suggests the users via autocomplete…
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20+ Popular Online Web Developer Tools in 2017

In this post I would like to share most popular free online web developer tools that every web developers should know. These web developer tools are used for various purpose in your web applications such as code optimization, image modification, testing APIs, validation and mobile compability issues. Why I'm sharing…
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Top 10 Responsive HTML5 Frameworks in 2017

Responsive HTML5 frameworks have an important role in the creation of websites in lesser time. Such frameworks are getting popularity due to their evolving demands. HTML5 frameworks reduce the repeated programming tasks, which, in turn, saves a lot of time and energy. Responsive HTML5 frameworks come in handy, when it…
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