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  1. Its awesome. I will add this login form on my wordpress login form.

  2. Rohit Bandooni says:

    Google has their own material design framework for Web, I think that will be much stable than a 3rd party framework like materialize CSS

  3. dinesh says:

    I tried the form. Without filling any data in form I cant able to see alert messages any were in the UI can you please guide me to show the alert message

  4. dinesh says:

    and also after filling the form if i left any filled then if i submit the values are not in the screen Please advice

  5. Subhendu Roy says:

    Excellent work.Can you do me a favour by including a tutorial for newsletter subscription using codeigniter.

  6. Guilherme Ramos says:

    Well, the example is good, but it’s useless. The css is unreadable!!! Everything in one line?
    Come one!

  7. adasd says:

    very good thanks

  8. Sol Rana says:

    This is awesome article, thank you. I could not figure how to remove the slight shadow underneath email field which shows up after focusing the field out. I noticed, this happens where there is a field inside card or card-panel. Any suggestion for fix? I tried this in Chrome. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b5adbb63edc8eb398800736deaadb650d5c33794eb53f7d3ea740dc4d706fa5b.png

  9. Manish Misra says:

    where we can download

    Login & SignUp form using Material Design and jQuery script

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