Bootstrap vs Google Material Design Lite – Which one is Better?

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  1. Kim Freesland says:

    I’ve been using bootstrap for years now and just recently had a project with Material Design lite. Even though MDL has some beautiful utility to it, we had some trouble in the migration process while using angular js. The columns and flex layout became a problem and we ended up going back to bootstrap and pulling some design Css properties from MDL stylesheets and pretty much used it’s styling and painted over the current angular/bootstrap environment.

    For migration purposes it’s definitely a hairy situation and has more work involved, and wouldn’t recommend it in a migration project, MDL is something that needs to be started on a new fresh project and using it’s easy components.


  2. Andri Krishna says:

    bs is better for me

  3. Ankur Bhatt says:

    I think bootstrap is better for as a designer.

  4. Patrick says:

    It’s been 6 months since the last comment. My newer experience is this:

    I have been steadily using material design for angular for the last 6 months. I previously solely used bootstrap, and I will say bootstrap is great. With that said, material for me is cleaner and simpler. My code is much cleaner to work with as the syntax requires a lot less of me than bootstraps does.

    They both offer nice looking components, both offer customization. I don’t think I would migrate a bootstrap project to material because that seems like a pain in the butt. I would however choose material in any new project and have found my revamps to old projects to be simpler just to stick in material/angular. You can develop with material alongside bootstrap in the same project, they do not conflict. I haven’t found anything to be lacking with materialI had with bootstrap.

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