PHP Text to Speech using Amazon Polly API

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  1. Mohamad Hamouday says:

    I will try it.

  2. Hi Mohamed,

    Seems you are using windows server..

    To resolve the error, you need to define your CURL certificate authority information path

    To do that,

    Download the latest curl recognized certificates here:
    Save the cacert.pem file in a reachable destination.
    Then, in your php.ini file, scroll down to where you find [curl].
    You should see the CURLOPT_CAINFO option commented out. Uncomment and point it to the cacert.pem file. You should have a line like this:

    curl.cainfo = “certificate pathcacert.pem”

    Save and close your php.ini. Restart your webserver and try your request again.


  3. @disqus_0EUy39ZYLC:disqus is it working now ?

  4. Hi Karthikeyan K
    Thanks for ur blog. I read and follow ur blog. but now i am unable to get the different language mp3 file in my panel. but in amazon aws panel it allows all language api. Please Give me suggetion how can change parameter or change any type of code in panel.

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