Top 5 Open Source Javascripts for Web Projects

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In this post, I want to share some interesting open source javascript libraries for your web projects. I hope you like it 🙂

1. Infinity.js

This is an extraordinary JavaScript library with a very simple purpose. Some pages on your website may have super long lists which make the scrollbar very tiny. As you click to scroll the browser may appear choppy as you fly through the different elements.

But Infinity is a simple JavaScript library to help control the scrolling effects of very long lists. The project was created with the help of Airbnb and is also hosted for free on Github. It may be difficult to understand the functionality through words, but check out the difference in their demo pages with infinity.js and without it.

2. gmaps.js

I think I speak for many developers when I say Google Maps is simply a genius application. Their data is so accurate and it’s truly an amazing project. While using the gmaps.js JavaScript library you may pull data quickly from the Google Maps API and embed onto your webpage.

When I first heard of the library I was a bit taken back. However after spending just a few minuteslooking over the demos it’s painfully easy to code your own interactive map. This embedded feature on your website looks great for corporations or small businesses. Also for conference halls or public buildings with lots of events.

3. jQuery Mobile

Web developers are all too familiar with the standard jQuery library. Well some other developers have come together and created a framework based on jQuery for mobile web applications. jQuery Mobile focuses on HTML5 techniques and is optimized for touch-based events.

This is the perfect solution if you need to build a very simple mobile app quickly. The HTML page structure is still coded the same way, only your jQuery Mobile elements will be styled differently. As of writing this article the current stable release is jQM 1.2.0 which includes a litany of additional custom page widgets.

4. html5sql.js

In a recent article we have written about webapps using Web SQL as a database storage method. This new HTML5 SQL database can be manipulated using JavaScript, and even easier by using this library. html5sql.js is completely free and open source for all developers to download and apply onto their website.

If you are not familiar with databases then trying to learn HTML5 SQL is possibly the best place to start. You will be working with mostly frontend languages, and aside from learning SQL this JS library will help out immensely. Check out their live demo page to get a better idea of the key functionality.

5. Jquery Multiple Select Box Option Plugin – Chosen

Chosen is actually a jQuery plugin created by Harvest. This is a very simple JavaScript library which replaces dropdown select menus with more customized solutions. These look beautiful in all modern web browsers, and you can even customize the settings to conform with various styles.

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