Top 10 Popular Responsive HTML5 Frameworks

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Responsive HTML5 frameworks have an important role in the creation of websites in lesser time. Such frameworks are getting popularity due to their evolving demands. HTML5 frameworks reduce the repeated programming tasks, which, in turn, saves a lot of time and energy. Responsive HTML5 frameworks come in handy, when it comes to developing a front-end website.

Using HTML5 frameworks, one can easily design a responsive and cross-browser compatible website. Responsive HTML5 frameworks are packed with extravagating features like cross-browser compatibility, responsiveness, customization, clean coding, SASS in-built and so on. The framework can easily be used without hampering the performance of website. By using HTML5 frameworks, you can easily design a website that loads faster.

Some of the best HTML5 responsive frameworks rated by a large community of developers are mentioned below. Let’s give them a look:


Counted amongst the most popular framework lists, Foundation is one of the trustworthy yet modern web development frameworks that deliver high-quality performance for modern devices and customized application requirements.

The core around which Foundation framework is built comprises a range of web development frameworks that can be used to create email templates and websites.

It recently got upgraded to advanced version V6 that has some amazing functionalities. Foundation’s core strategy is to allow developers focus on creating mobile-first websites that can be further customized and converted into apps. Such apps could also be served on desktops, large devices and so on.

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Bootstrap emerges as the big father of responsive web design framework. The framework is valuable enough to create responsive mobile-first website that runs on devices of all sizes.

Known for modern, front-end/UI development, Bootstrap is feature packed with all the functionality that makes it highly preferable for developing responsive sites and apps.

It has a 12-grid responsive layout with 13 custom jQuery plugins. The framework is well-documented and is highly known for its user-friendly and flexible features. With modern and feature-rich web pages developed by Bootstrap, developers are able to create feature-rich web pages without having to create components and grid styles.


  • BootsWatch – Free themes for Twitter Bootstrap
  • Wrap Bootstrap – Premium Themes for Twitter Bootstrap
  • COSMO – metro inspired theme based on bootstrap.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery is the most popular Java-scripting library for the web. It is one preferred framework for creating responsive web application that will work on all mobile devices. Amongst the notable features of jQuery, touch-friendly form elements, sleek UI widgets, responsive design are a few of them that gets high appreciation when it comes to developing responsive websites and applications.

Learn jQuery Mobile Tutorial from here –

Sencha Touch

One of the well-known cross-platform front-end web development frameworks, Sencha touch has helped developers create stunning mobile applications. The presence of hardware acceleration techniques in Sencha provides UI components that deliver extended capabilities for small mobile devices.

Featured with more than 50 in-built UI components and device-native templates, Sencha touch provides with all the necessities that make app work smoothly on all major digital devices. Whether you are designing an app for Android, BlackBerry, iOS or Windows, Sencha touch provides with all the necessities to create stunning app.

You can learn sencha touch from here –


Ionic bridges the gap between Angular JS web apps and hybrid mobile apps for creating both mobile web apps and native apps. It is one of the most successful HTML5-based mobile frameworks that is used to create cross-platform apps and mobile websites.

Designed with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, Ionic is a framework that developers have been talking about the most. Owing to its freely available codebase, community and documentation, Ionic makes it easy to be accessed by both beginners and truly experienced developers.

you can learn Ionic framework step by step from here –

HTML KickStart

This framework has gained a lot of popularity amongst HTML5 developers. Its extended set of layouts, elements and other front-end files have made it really appreciable. With the help of these components, it becomes easy for developers to gain an upper hand in their upcoming projects.

The components available with the framework include grids, menus, slides, button, typography related stuff and much more. Using these components, it becomes quick and effective to create mobile apps.

You can learn HTML kickstart from here –

Semantic UI

It is a simple HTML5 framework that makes use of a range of UI components to create quick and appealing mobile apps. Semantic is used for creating both simple and complex layouts. Theming an already existing layout to better reflect design preferences and choices also become easy with Semantic UI framework.




LimeJS is an advanced framework that is used for creating games with HTML5. It is useful for creating fast and native-experience games for all present day touchscreens and desktop browsers. It is basically a game development framework that helps HTML5 developers get a good headstart on their game development skills and other learning curves.


FireShell’s in-built task runner and build processor helps in the creation of HTML5 based websites and mobile apps. Some of its top features include, easy integration, jQuery content delivery integration, HTML5 Shiv and Modernizr for modern front-end app development.

iio Engine

With the quick rise of HTML5, more and more people have started adopting the use of mobile phone and desktop to spend their time indulging in interactive game content. Therefore, developers have started crafting the kind of games that capture attention. iio Engine works great with HTML5 Canvas functionality. Using this framework, the development becomes quick both in terms of speed and performance.

Wrapping it Up:

With the latest advancement in tools and technology, it has become highly important for businesses to choose the right framework that goes well with web design workflow.

The examples given above are some of the sought-after names that can help in creation of a responsive website and mobile app at ease. You must go for it, if you are looking for a responsive mobile app for your business.

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