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Responsive Bootstrap Mega Menu with Contact Form, Video, Google Map etc

Now a days everyone wants to replace their normal style menu into Bootstrap Mega Menu. Bootstrap Menu is the Latest design trend in our web design used by top popular eCommerce sites and it will work on all platforms Mega Menus allow you to see all the features available to the…
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Identifying Browser Window Screen Size & Name with JQuery

Simple function will tell you how to identify your browser screen size & name using jQuery. This function is very useful to build responsive layouts for web designers. Check out my previous post about Responsive Design – display different contents for the different devices with CSS Finding Screen Size with Jquery Jquery Code…
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Top 10 Responsive Frameworks for Web Developers

Today I am going to share some interesting stuffs. I had googled & come up with nice css framesworks that are really useful when its comes to responsive design. Groundwork CSS Groundwork CSS Built from the ground up with Sass, GroundworkCSS is a fully responsive framework that features an incredibly flexible, nest-able  fluid…
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Responsive Design – display different contents for the different devices with CSS

Today I am going to tell how to display different contents for the different devices using simple CSS code. I have used css @media rule to set different style rules for different media Features Use any Content you want inside the sections Use whole Content Parts & Images for different devices show – desktop,…
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