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.htaccess Tutorials

What is .htaccess? One of the most common files found on most web hosting servers also happens to be one of the least understood, especially for a large number of novice web hosting clients and website administrators. That file, called “.htaccess,” is used to determine any number of important settings,…
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Tips to Securing your PHP Application

Now a days PHP Language is very popular among developers to develop large applications like facebook etc. So here I am going to tell how to secure your PHP applications in a simple steps Disabling Remote URLs for File Handling Functions File handling functions like fopen, file_get_contents, and include accept URLs as file parameters…
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Top 10 htaccess tips and tricks to prevent your wordpress site from hackers

A .htaccess (hypertext access) file is the common name of a directory-level configuration file which allows decentralised management of web server configuration. A .htaccess file is always added to the root directory, it can override many other configuration settings which includes server’s global configuration, content type and character set. A…
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