Facebook Like Tooltip using Jquery & CSS

Facebook like jQuery tooltip plugin with a flexible design that’s easy to customize. Implementation is straightforward and is easy to customize, has smooth fade-ins and fade-outs, and even gives you a number of different ways you can use those tooltips (including complex content). facebook tooltip with Jquery Download  View Demo…
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Horizontal & Vertical Scrollbar jQuery Plugin

Utilizing jQuery UI, the feature-rich jQuery Custom Scrollbar plugin allows you to, via CSS, customize scrollbars exactly as you need them. It works on all major browsers (incl. IE 10, 9, 8 & 7) and on iOS and Android. It features vertical/horizontal scrolling, mouse-wheel support, scroll easing, adjustable scrollbar height/width and more.…
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New jQuery Plugin Registry

Currently, the jQuery project provides powerful back-end components for developers, but those seeking new plugins are forced to explore a multitude of different sources. On Wednesday, the jQuery Foundation relaunched their jQuery Plugin Registry with a much improved UI, providing a single source for plugins. The community formed around jQuery flourished. However,…
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CSS3 Facebook Style Buttons

Creating Facebook style Buttons using simple CSS & CSS3 Buttons To create the default "button" add a class of uibutton to any appropriate element. To create the blue variant include an additional class confirm. To create the green variant include an additional classspecial. CSS3 Facebook Buttons Grouped buttons To created grouped buttons wrap…
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