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Mashable Style Ajax Drop Down Menu using PHP, Mysql & jQuery

Everyone knows that Mashable is the world's largest independent website dedicated to news, information, technology and resources for the connected generation. Now I am going to explain you about how to create mashable style dynamic drop down menu using Php, Mysql & jQuery Ajax. In mashable, you can able to see all…
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Simple Image Gallery with jQuery

This Tutorial is focused on creating simple image gallery with 3 lines of jQuery & little css code to create fade effects. Image Gallery with jQuery jQuery Code jQuery('.photo-thumbnails .thumbnail').click(function() { jQuery('.photo-thumbnails .thumbnail').removeClass('current'); jQuery(this).addClass('current'); var path = jQuery(this).find('img').attr('src'); jQuery('#big-photo img').attr('src', path); }); Explanation jQuery('.photo-thumbnails .thumbnail').removeClass('current'); The above is used to Setting…
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