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Responsive Bootstrap Mega Menu with Contact Form, Video, Google Map etc

Now a days everyone wants to replace their normal style menu into Bootstrap Mega Menu. Bootstrap Menu is the Latest design trend in our web design used by top popular eCommerce sites and it will work on all platforms Mega Menus allow you to see all the features available to the…
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Simple Image Gallery with jQuery

This Tutorial is focused on creating simple image gallery with 3 lines of jQuery & little css code to create fade effects. Image Gallery with jQuery jQuery Code jQuery('.photo-thumbnails .thumbnail').click(function() { jQuery('.photo-thumbnails .thumbnail').removeClass('current'); jQuery(this).addClass('current'); var path = jQuery(this).find('img').attr('src'); jQuery('#big-photo img').attr('src', path); }); Explanation jQuery('.photo-thumbnails .thumbnail').removeClass('current'); The above is used to Setting…
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