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Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We have Expert in AWS(Amazon Web Service) such as AWS Configuration, Environment and Implementation, AWS Development in all core service such as AWS EC2 (Server), AWS EBS, S3(Backup), RDS (Database), Cloud Front, VPC( Virtual Cloud Computing) Configuration, VPN Connection, Security Group, Subnets, Route Table, Internet Gateway, Network ACL’s, Elastic IP’s, AWS Lambda (Server Less), AWS API Gateway, AWS IoT, AWS Big Data, AWS Load balancer, AWS Auto Scaling Group, AWS Route53 (DNS/ Domain), AWS Mobile Hub, AWS Congito Services, AWS IAM role and Policy.,etc.

We are open to work, Maintenance and Monitoring any service or any part of in Amazon Web Service.

WordPress SSL and HTTPS Setup

Present days, SSL is very important for every type of websites. Add SSL to WordPress site to make your website secure, earn the trust of your website’s visitors and boosts search engines ranking. WordPress SSL and HTTPS Setup Service help to add SSL certificate to WordPress site and implement HTTPS. This service provides a hassle-free way to install SSL certificate and configure WordPress for using SSL and HTTPS.

WordPress Installation & Setup

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. This service helps to install and setup a WordPress site on the hosting server. Your website will be live soon and you’ll get notified with all the details. The website will be running perfectly and you’ll be 100% satisfied. You only need to provide all the files and folders of the project

WordPress Optimization & Speed Up

When your website takes the long time to load, most of the visitors can leave. According to the Google ranking algorithm, search ranking depends on site speed. So, the speed of your WordPress site influences the visitors and SEO. This service speeds up your WordPress site and makes the website faster instantly.

The following sub-services are included with this service:

  • Install and configure required plugins.
  • Database and MySQL query optimization.
  • Optimize scripts and full site.
  • Test website speed and optimize again if needed.
  • Provides you the details comparison report of your site.