Metro Style Message Boxes using CSS3

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  1. John Slegers says:

    IMO, it would look cleaner if you added a padding or margin to the toggle buttons to match the padding of the text and icon.

    You might also want to add an rgb or hex color background for older browsers that don’t support rgba. See .

    Another small improvement would be to put “background: #2fa9f6 url(images/info.png) no-repeat 14px 14px;” into your “.alert” selector and overwrite the “background-color” and “background-image” for different alert types. That would allow you to change the background-position for all alert types on one spot (the “.alert” selector).

    I also notice you define a “.alert p” selector, yet you don’t use a tag anywhere in your HTML. So you could just delete that line.

    Except for those little details, it looks pretty nice 🙂

  2. apradiz says:

    File RAR. unknown or damaged

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