How to Share Content on Whatsapp using jQuery

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  1. Kat says:

    Karthikeyan, this is great. I just tested this on my Samsung Galaxy S4 IS. Thanks.

  2. sa says:

    How to Share Content on viber using jQuery?

  3. Steve says:

    Awesome Tutorial.. Tested it from my iPhone.. Sharing on whatsapp rocks 🙂

    Great Job Karthikeyan..

  4. Prem Kumar says:

    Awesome Job Karthikeyan 🙂

    Just now I have implemented in my project.. Works like a Charm…


  5. Dear Karthikeyan,Really it is awesome job.
    Your code is working fine for most of the browsers.
    But when I tested it on windows phone’s default browser,it redirects to whatsapp but contents are empty.
    May be browser is not compatible with the code.

    But really thank you for this code

  6. tester says:

    Is it possible to share image with link?

  7. Raman Chopra says:


    i am new for this can you tell me how can we test the same on pc/mobile phone????

  8. jemmy says:

    I wanted to Share Content to all my Whatsapp contacts using jQuery .
    is it possible ?

  9. ๔єєקคк кคг๓ค says:

    any code to share image also ???

  10. Debendra Samal says:

    It’s not working first time share. If I kept alert inside on click function and then click share It’s working. Any guess what could be the issue??

  11. Vuppalapati Srinivasa Raju says:

    Can we make it for Whatsapp for web also ??

  12. ប៉ាន់ វ៉ាន់ដេត says:

    that nice. how to get data-link= current link?

  13. Dhruv Shah says:

    This is not working on iPhone. 🙁

  14. Vinita Vaswani says:

    can this be implemented for whatsapp web using desktop site?

  15. Sayyed Sameer says:

    hello,its not working in iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

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