A Webmaster’s Guide to Site Auditing

Website audits are acritical aspect of being a website master. When you first developed the website,you will have been directed by the thencurrent search engine recommendations, but the algorithms used by searchengines have been updated, and a site that was once optimized may not be considered so now. 

What is a website audit?

A website audit is acomplete analysis of everything that is includedon your website. Each element of your websiteneeds to ensure that they are performingto the best of their ability to boost thewebsite’s position in the search engine results pages. An audit helps you toidentify the adjustments that need to be made to ensure that each element addsvalue to the site’s visibility. A detailed auditgives you the opportunity to generate more traffic to your website, increaseconversions and improve your business’s profit margins.

What does an audit consist of?

A website audit is complex. There are several aspects that you need to analyze:

1. Technical audit

A technical audit ensures that your website is written using clean code, quick to load and runs fast. The technical aspect of your website needs to be streamlined to allow the search engines bots to crawl through the site and index it correctly quickly. Search is constantly evolving, and so you must ensure that your site complies with the recommendations of today to avoid being penalized.

2. Off-siteaudit

Analysis of your backlink profile is an essential aspect of SEO. Backlinks from disreputable websites can harm your ranking position, especially considering Google’s Penguin update. There are several tools that you can use to find bad links, but you can look manually to see for yourself if it is a site that you want to be associated with. Any sites that you identify as providing you with a poor-quality link needs to be cleared. You can disavow them, but to really clean up your profile, you will need to contact the webmasters directly. While bad links are harmful to your ranking, good links are an important aspect of SEO. A backlinking service provided by a company like Click Intelligence can help develop a healthy backlink profile to boost ranking.

3. On-siteaudit

Each page needs to be reviewed and audited to ensure that they are optimized. Meta descriptions, how the images are labeled and the proper uses of keywords in H1 to H6 title tags and the content can all be analyzed and improved upon. All content needs to be unique and add value to the searcher. An audit is a great way to identify any content that is out of date and irrelevant and replace it with engaging and effective content that provides value to the visitor.

Failing to undertake a detailed audit of your website and not addressing the identified issues, means that you are missing out on a great opportunity to improve the effectiveness of your website and increase its exposure to new business prospects.