10 Useful Tips to Optimize your website in 2018

Top 10 Tips to Website Optimize

SEO is one of the things you hear people talk about a lot online. There is tons of information out there on the subject. The problem is when there’s so much misinformation that it’s very hard to separate the good stuff from the bad. This is something that bothers most beginners. They don’t know what to trust online and what to ignore.

For starters, you need to test out everything you read about online. Never take it as the gospel truth before you’ve verified it. Otherwise, it helps to know a few tips that any beginner can immediately implement and reap the benefits.

We put together a few simple tips for beginners that virtually anyone can immediately implement to improve their SEO. You can try out at least one of them, and you’re going to see some positive results. Top 10 SEO ebooks to read now

Here they are:

1. Supercharge Your Social Media

Top 10 Tips to Website Optimize

Social media, despite being overwhelmingly powerful as a marketing tool, is still quite underused by many newbies and pros alike. You can be one of those who leverages it to take your SEO to the next level. Start by engaging with your target audience on the social media platforms they frequent the most. A fan page or online community is the easiest way to do this. It can be particularly effective for attracting traffic to your website, particularly in its infancy.

2. Harness the Power of Backlinks

Backlinks are the holy grail of SEO. Ask any SEO expert you know, and they will tell you that backlinks are important in building your domain authority. You can start by writing SEO guest posts on well-known blogs and asking the web masters if they can link back to your site. Another thing you can do as you grow is to ask anyone who uses your brand name online to link back to you. You can also go to blog aggregation sites and social bookmarking sites and create profiles there to help build your online presence. As your backlinks grow, so will your site’s domain authority. ]

3. Market on The Fast Lane

Top 10 Tips to Website Optimize

Google factors in the page speed of your site when it determines where to rank it. With the trend in technology toward faster things, no one will have the patience to wait for a page that takes too long to load. The faster your page loads, the higher it will be in the SERP. People will always appreciate a website that loads fast enough for them to find what they’re looking for.

While you’re at it, you should also make sure your site is mobile friendly because most of your traffic is likely to be visiting your site on their mobile phones.

4. Revamp your Old Content

A lot of people focus on creating new content for their site and forget one other important thing: revamping the old content. If your site has been around for a while, chances are some of your old content has become dated. It’s as simple as looking at the ranking of your old posts and improve them.

You can add infographics and details, improve the format, and even rewrite the content entirely. You’d be surprised how many gold nuggets you have in your post history that are just waiting to explode. And the good news is that there are several plugins and tools available to help you repurpose content.

5. Create Quality Content

Top 10 Tips to Website Optimize

While this is the last tip on this list, it’s probably the most important. Your main focus should be on creating content that answers your readers’ questions for the relevant questions. In fact, it should go beyond answering their questions and give them comprehensive information, in case they’ll have even more questions. Make sure your content is so good that it is unmatched by your competitors.

6. Video Content Works Miracles

If you have any content that can easily be converted into a video, then you should take the opportunity and do it. You’ll probably find that many of your posts are between 100 and 500 words long. These can typically be made into a video that only lasts a couple of minutes, saving time for your visitors and improving your traffic.

7. Track Your User Engagement

Top 10 Tips to Website Optimize

In this age of decreasing attention spans, engaging your users is a very important aspect of improving the performance of your page. First, you need to make sure your posts are well formatted and easy to read. You should also use long-form keywords to help make your posts feel more authentic and also to cross-rank for related keywords. Finally, mix up your media, so your users have options when it comes to interacting with your content. Written articles, infographics, videos, and even podcasts can work together to make your content more interesting.

8. Create Your Own Inner SEO Web

While backlinks are quite powerful, internal links can also help direct traffic around within your website. You can link to other posts you have written that might provide the reader with more information on a subject. As a general rule, if you’re selling any product directly on your website, don’t link to it within the first link. Let the first link be to another genuinely helpful article that may then link to the product.

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9. Reverse Engineer your Competitors

Top 10 Tips to Website Optimize

Keep your friends close and keep your enemies even closer. While your competitors don’t have to be your enemies, studying them can quickly give you useful pointers on what works and what doesn’t. If you haven’t already compiled a list of your biggest competitors, then you need to do so immediately. Study what websites are linking to them and what keywords they rank for most. Look at how they lay out their posts and what their backlink profiles are like. Chances are you’ll find something you can use to your advantage.

10. Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Audience

Ultimately, making your site relevant is all about offering your target audience what the want. This means you need to put yourself in the shoes of your buyer persona and find out what questions they are asking. By answering these questions, you’re likely to attract more organic traffic as you quickly become the go-to person. You can find out what your target audience is after by visiting websites like Quora and Answer the Public. Internal searches within your website could also prove to be a treasure trove of valuable information. Whatever method you use, remember that you should focus on your target audience and give them what they want first. The rest will easily follow.

Summing Up

While there is an ocean of information out there on SEO, that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult to start. A few conscientious steps here and there will set you up to rank high even before you try out the serious stuff. Remember to keep your content relevant and its quality high, and you’ll be reaping the rewards before you know it.