Facebook Wall Script using PHP Laravel Framework

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Today I’m going to share my views on New Laravel Facebook Wall Script which is done by using Most Popular PHP Framework called “LARAVEL

This Laravel Facebook Wall Script has been done by my friend who is the founder at wsnippets.com. Hearty congrats to Mr Azhagupandian K.

Last year I released facebook wall script 5.0 which was in Codeigniter Framework and its sale was awesome. So I just want to share his brilliant work with my readers and followers.

Laravel Facebook Wall Script

Live Demo


Benefits of the Laravel Facebook Wallscript

  • Build in with Laravel 5.2
  • Repository Design Patterns
  • Responsive Design
  • Build with Bootstrap 3.3.5
  • Flexible to create RESTFul API
  • Minified version of CSS and JS
  • Laravel Elixir, Bower and Gulp Integration for Minification
  • Easily Customizable

User Modules

  • Login
  • Logout
  • Email Verification
  • OAuth – Registration/Login With Facebook
  • OAuth – Registration/Login With LinkedIn
  • OAuth – Registration/Login With Google
  • Reset Password
  • Forgot Password
  • Update basic profile details
  • Profile Picture Upload
  • Download Profile Picture for social login
  • Cover Photo Upload
  • Cover Photo Reposition
  • Auto complete search
  • Facebook style profile page

Post Features

  • Facebook style status update box
  • Status Message
  • Tagging Friends on Update
  • Share Location – Google Map API
  • Multiple Image upload and preview
  • Update – Privacy
  • Comments
  • Comments Image Upload
  • Like/ Unlike
  • Like Emotions
  • Delete Update
  • Friend/Unfriend
  • Share Update
  • Facebook style update descriptions
  • Share Box – Textbox auto resize
  • Load more on scroll
  • Privacy based updates on profile page
  • Auto image resize
  • Responsive feed list
  • Modal to view liked users
  • View all comments

Status Updates and commenting options

Private Messaging Features

  • Private message – Timeline conversation design
  • Private message – Share embed thirdparty content(OEmbed)
  • Upload image
  • Upload image preview


User can able to create “n” number of pages under his account. Also he can able to add posts/images/videos in it. 🙂

  • Feeds
  • Notifications
  • Profile
  • Message
  • Settings
  • Friend Request List

Real Time Notifications

Owner of the post will get an instant notification on the below actions

  • Like
  • Share
  • Comment
  • Friend Tagging
  • Confirm Friend Request

Admin Dashboard Access

Site owner can able to do the below actions via admin panel

  • Dashboard
  • Users List
  • Block User
  • Mark User Email Verified
  • Mark user as Admin
  • Post – List all
  • Post – Delete
  • Updates – List all
  • Updates – Delete
  • Updates – View
  • Comments – List all
  • Comments – Delete
  • Comments – View
  • Admin – Change Passwords
  • General Settings
  • Advertisement Settings
  • Registration and Login Settings
Live Demo


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  1. Chinni Krishna says:

    Hello Karthikeyan,

    This project is looks good, i want to know the source code of this project. How do I get the code? please suggest.

  2. Meng-Jie Sie says:

    Hello Karthikeyan,
    I’m interested in you project. How can I get source code?

  3. Pãrshãv Shãh says:

    Smiley not Working ! Your codeigniter script is better.

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