Facebook Wall Script 5.0 – Sharing Posts, Message Filtering, Instant Notifications & many more

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Previously I had published Facebook Wall Script 4.0 with Codeigniter Framework. My readers asked me to update that version from 4.0 to 5.0. So I decided to update the wall script with more features like sharing posts, write on friends wall, Public/Private posts & Edit Posts.


  • Facebook OAuth
  • linkedIn OAuth
  • Microsoft OAuth
  • Google OAuth
  • HTML5 Geolocation
  • Edit Post
  • Sharing Post
  • Share Post on Friend’s Wall
  • Public / Private Post
  • Filter Posts
  • Ban, Active, Inactive Users from Admin Dashboard
  • Live Notifications on Likes, Comments, Shares
  • Plus version 4 features


Share Post on Friend's Wall

Share Post on Friend’s Wall

Public / Private Posts

Public / Private Posts

Sharing Posts on Your Wall

Sharing Posts on Your Wall

Powerful Admin Settings

Powerful Admin Settings

Free Updates: Customers who buy the script get one updated version released subsequent to their purchase, at no additional cost
Customisability: I can provide minor customization and enhancements to the script as per your requirements at low cost.

Installation: Free

View Live Demo  Buy Now & Download (50$)
After successful payment, you will get an email with CI_wallscript.zip attached sent by itzurkarthi@gmail.com within 24 hours.

Please don’t forget to share and subscribe to latest updates of the blog. Also comments and feedback are always welcome!


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27 Responses

  1. Sr Patinhas says:

    You have a little bug in the demo (and probably the code too) you cant send a message to yourself on the profile page, it says you need to be friend, but how will i be friend of myself? its a basic ‘if’ i think.

  2. illuminati says:

    hey how to add the following items?

    1. Facebook Style Press Enter to Send Option in Message / Comment Box using jQuery

    2. Facebook Style Profile Info Tooltip using jQuery & CSS

    3. Facebook Style Search Friends using jQuery

    4. Facebook Style Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion Videos & Soundcloud Audio Url Expander with jQuery & PHP

    5. Getting Facebook Cover Page Image using jQuery

    6. Facebook Style Homepage Design with Registration Form, Login Form using CSS3

    7. Facebook Style Tag Selector using jQuery & CSS3

    8. Facebook Style Press Enter to Send Option in Message / Comment Box using jQuery

    i can do number #6 myself as im pretty decent at html5/css3 but how can i integrate the rest? as when i try it either dont work or it breaks the script lol

  3. waiting says:

    1 hour left until it’s 24 hours since I purchased your script. I understand you may be busy but please remember the offer is within 24 hours and send the email please. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. Joseph Chan says:

    how do you know my email,if I purchased the material? Do I need to tell you my email, could you please add more details or what to do in every step about purchasing the demo,thank you very much

  5. Alex Tweedie says:

    I need the script asap and have emailed you at your gmail address just to check whether you are still monitoring the email address… Please can you let me know either by email or responding to this comment that I can still pay $50 and have the script emailed within 24 hours.
    Alex Tweedie

  6. joseph chan says:

    could you send one copy of the new updated version to me?I have bought the previous version of the script, thank you very much. email:joseph07.chan@gmail.com

  7. Harry's Stuff says:

    Hi I’m interested in buying this, but i have some questions:
    Are the users able to join / make groups? example “The running club”
    Is it possible for me to customise the look of the webpage once the script is live?

    • Hi Harry,
      Currently there is no groups feature in this script.. I’m working on version 6.0 which has groups and pages..

      Yes, You can customize the look anytime..


      • Harry's Stuff says:

        Thanks for your quick reply, groups is really important for what i want to use the script for, when is V6 due?

      • Harry's Stuff says:

        Karthikeyan when is the next version due? The site I would like to create using your script relies heavily on users being in groups and separate pages?

  8. Harry's Stuff says:

    Hey Karthi, when is version 6 due to be released? is there anyway I can trial V5? I’d like to see the admin and configuration options in more detail. Also is it running in a live environment anywhere? Thanks

  9. Harry's Stuff says:

    Hi Karthi,

    When is V6 due? Is there a way i can see what admin and configuration options there are? do you have this running in a live environment so I can see real world functionality?


  10. Amit says:

    Hi Karthi,

    I am interested to buy the script however, can i request you to help me with few queries below.

    1. The Wall Script 5.0, is the latest version of the code base ?
    2. I saw the video of the same, does it have all the features as showcased in the email.
    3. What all things are provided with the purchase ? (Eg, code, DB design/setup guide)
    4. To get this code running on local, what additonal things will be required from my end.

    Please advise to help me move forward with the purchase.


  11. Matheus N. B (Fusion Logic) says:

    Codeigniter 3 e Mysqli?

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