Facebook Wall Script 4.0 with PHP Codeigniter MVC Framework

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  1. 77-thoughts.com says:

    Wow.. This is cool Karthik ! Good Job !

  2. Mombu says:

    bro, u r awesome!
    I m learning ci framework recently but I think thats not easy.
    anyway GOOD JOB!

  3. Dissappolinted says:

    Great script but you don’t talk to the people who ‘pay you’ and buy this script, No backup or correspondence from this author which is a shame. The multiple picture upload DOES NOT WORK, the Tagging DOES NOT WORK and other things claimed by this script. Dissappointing and money down the drain 🙁

  4. pasajero302 says:

    really nice i like1

  5. Bharath Maddukuri says:

    how can i purchase this through paypal it is showing the error

  6. Gustavo Laqua says:

    Hi, i need just the timeline only, not the hole facebook application. Could you prepare a special package only with timeline? Thanks

  7. Tayfun Aydin says:

    Hi, i have last night buyed this script.
    It is realy simple to configure, and look good.
    My Problem is, the Facebook Login.
    After Klick on Facebook Login Button, see you the facebook data, —> continue..
    Endless Loop, the Facebook Loginkey on URL is endless to change.
    My Homepage: http://www.mudl.me, please try the Facebook Login.
    Sorry for my English
    I have setting in Config.php
    $config[‘fb_oauth_login’] = true; //set to true if you are going to use fb oauth
    $config[‘fb_app_id’] = “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”;
    $config[‘fb_secret_key’] = “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”;
    with korrekt Dta

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