Facebook Style Profile Info Tooltip using jQuery & CSS

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  1. bibochip says:

    How can i put the Image field to . Because my users have an avatar and it should by dynamic! Thank you for reading to now. Please help me.
    My email: linhhonkhongnguyen_online@yahoo.com

  2. Fernando H. says:

    Karthikeyan, how can I pass the ID to fetch_profile.php?
    For example, the page is displayed to the user through the URL:


    How is the line of jquery:

    url: “page.php”,

    thank you so much

  3. Max John says:

    The demo is not displaying any image

  4. Max John says:

    I have downloaded the script and the script itself works fine when we put in the images. However, please what is the purpose of the post field ? THANKS

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