Facebook / Twitter Style Mention System with PHP, MYSQL & jQuery

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  1. Daniel says:

    @mention is working great.. how about hashtag?

  2. haadi says:

    i have like your page, but i’m not getting the download link yet

  3. Heiko Klingele says:

    If you mention 5 users you hit the database 5 times. Instead use SELECT … WHERE user_id IN (1,2,3,4,5) and foreach the result to replace. 😉

  4. Jan Molendijk says:

    Great Script…. I would like to see all content in this script but It only shows on input from text….

    I would like to see results from all data replace the names with the clickable urls in a single php script

  5. Farhan khan says:

    i have already gave you a like on gplus , please provide me the downloading script on email i’ll be grateful to you . thnkyou sir

  6. Ijaz bhatti says:

    Hello how are you i found your script very usefull.
    but have one issue . after adding post i works fine.
    but when i go for edit post how it works ? can we have a script for that

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