Facebook Style Image Upload in Comment Box using PHP, jQuery & MYSQL

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  1. Majid Lotfi says:

    Thanks for this tutorial, I run it, it’s working except “write a comment ” does not work, when you just write a comment and hit submit, you will get “Invalid File Format”.

  2. Matt . says:

    What about someone first registering his name or email ?

  3. ammiel says:

    Why I can’t download the script?

  4. Jose Carlo Quilala says:

    After uploading an image, what if the user just leave it and not posting? the image will still be in your system without reference of any post

  5. biaju says:

    Hi Karthikeyan, Gr8 work…. and thank you for sharing.
    In the current version which i have downloaded, Upload picture doesn’t support multiple image upload? Can you fix this ?

  6. Devang says:

    hi ,
    I subscribe but i can not download the code can you please help me ?

  7. artie mututsa says:

    Got some file upload errors, can you answer our questions pls?

  8. iyke says:

    my download refused to start……i dont have the file, pls help

  9. Ahmadkhan Ahmadzai says:

    hello sir please send me the comment box which you use
    my email adress is ah.khan.ahzai@gmail.com
    please send i need it please

  10. raj says:

    not able to download

  11. Ighzer Chrea says:

    why when a post comment without file the submit don’t work ???

  12. El-Mahbub says:

    i was subcribe but cant to download

  13. pankaj kumar says:

    hello sir please send me the comment box which you use
    my email adress is info.pankajku75@gmail.com
    please send i need it please

  14. Yash Gupta says:

    sir can You please create facebook like button or same like YT with dislike button

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