Facebook Style Image Upload in Comment Box using PHP, jQuery & MYSQL

My readers continuously asked me to work on Facebook Style uploading pictures in comment box. So thought to share this wonderful tutorial here using PHP, MYSQL & jQuery. I felt that I haven't included this feature in my wallscript & I thought this is the right time to share this cool feature…
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Mashable Style Ajax Drop Down Menu using PHP, Mysql & jQuery

Everyone knows that Mashable is the world's largest independent website dedicated to news, information, technology and resources for the connected generation. Now I am going to explain you about how to create mashable style dynamic drop down menu using Php, Mysql & jQuery Ajax. In mashable, you can able to see all…
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Facebook Wall Script 4.0 with PHP Codeigniter MVC Framework

Previously I had published Facebook Wall Script with normal PHP. After that people are asking me to develop wall script in MVC framework. So I choosed one of the popular PHP framework among web developers called Codeigniter (). Why Codeigniter Wall Script? You prefer nearly zero configuration. Security SEO friendly Url Exceptional performance. MVC…
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MYSQL 5.6 New features

At a glance, is simply a better MySQL with across the board improvements that hit every functional area of the database kernel, bringing benefits whether you deploy on-premise or in the cloud, including: Better Performance and Scalability Improved InnoDB for better transactional throughput and developer agility Improved Optimizer for better…
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