In this post, I’m would like to share my views on Material Design which is already more popular among website and Android app developers.

My earlier post was how to design a login form using Material Design which was very popular under design category.

Material design framework was introduced and developed by Google Inc. Material design framework works with all the android platforms and is know for flat graphical interface. Google’s new visual design framework is flat, elegant, and vibrant creating a unified Android experience.

UI/Ux is medium of communication between You and the User. Bad UI will make the user to uninstall your APP.

Material Design takes care of the user experience. It deeply interact with user. Material Design has responsive & meaningful interactions. You can delight the user by integrating material design in your app.

1. Material Design Lite

Google Material Design
Google Material Design

Google release Material Design Lite, a front-end library designed to make it easier to add the material design look and feel to a website. Material design uses flat and light objects. It requires just two to three colors to brand the entire APP. material design is easy to brand the APPs you develop.

2. Materialize


Materialize is a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design. For use in your web projects, it provides an option of both CSS as well as source SASS files, along with JavaScript, material design icons and Roboto font. Included components are basic ones such as grids, forms, buttons, navbar and cards. Materialize is available on GitHub as well.

3. Material UI


Material-UI is a rich set of React components implementing Material Design principles. This is a very polished library featuring pixel-perfect CSS styles and animations. There are also two separate themes for users to choose from – dark and light.

4. Material Design for Bootstrap


Thus also the popular framework Bootstrap can be supplied quickly and easily with Material Design, the developer has  FezVrasta  Bootstrap Theme developed. It includes all the major elements and functions to create a pretty material design website. On the demo page  all the elements can be considered, which makes the theme available.

5. Angular Material


Angular Material is a UI component library for Angular JS developers. Angular Material components helps in constructing attractive, consistent, and functional web pages and web apps while adhering to modern web design principles like browser portability, device independence, and graceful degradation. It helps in creating faster, beautiful, and responsive websites. It is inspired from Google Material Design.

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