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Top 10 Responsive HTML5 Frameworks in 2015


HTML5 has indeed become one of the most popular technologies used for building responsive websites quickly. Plus, we have a wide range of HTML5 frameworks which come equipped with stunning features that can impressively reduce the need for writing lengthy and repetitive code. The best part of these HTML5 frameworks is that they support responsive web design. That means, you’ll be able to use them for creating apps and websites that would work perfectly across multiple browsers and devices. So, if you too are going to delve into the world of HTML5 development and are confused about the best HTML5 Framework to choose, this is a pist that will tell you all. Here, I’ve covered a list of some leading Responsive HTML5 frameworks which work as the best options for developing eye-catchy, fully-functional websites. So, let’s get to learn more about these HTML5 responsive frameworks.

1. UI Kit


As a lightweight, modular front-end HTML5 Framework, UI Kit can be effectively used for developing powerful web interfaces. With UI Kit, you receive a comprehensive collection of HTML, CSS and JS Components which are easy-to-use, easy-to-customize and fully extendable. Serving as an open source framework, UI Kit allows you to create your own unique styles via the use of brilliant features. Built by YOOtheme, UI Kit is a must-have for every web development professional.



2. HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate
HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate is yet another brilliant HTML5 framework that allows you to create fully adaptable web applications and websites. As a lean, mobile-friendly HTML5 template, HTML5 Boilerplate includes thoroughly optimized Google Analytics snippet, a placeholder touch-device icon and easy-to-understand documents including stunning tips and tricks. With HTML5 Boilerplate, you can maintain server configs and an ant build script individually. Download


3. Base

HTML5 Base
HTML5 Base

As a semantic, lightweight and fully extensible HTML5 Frameworj, Base lets you create brilliant responsive website efficiently. There is a lightweight CSS framework which can be used for getting started with website development instantly. Components such as: menus, mixins and forms make Base a leading choice of web developers all over the world. Download


4. Skeleton

Skeleton Framework
Skeleton Framework

A simple, user-friendly HTML5 framework, Skeleton can be efficiently utilized for developing HTML5 mobile apps and websites. There is a good collection of CSS files which help you in developing websites and apps that look great on any device. Equipped with some HTML5 elements and a grid, Skeleton is the perfect match for everyone who’s about to indulge in a small project. Download


5. HTML5 KickStart

HTML5 KickStart
HTML5 KickStart

As an ultra-lean Responsive HTML5 framework, HTML5 Kickstart can be used for building websites and mobile applications rapidly. Features such as a touch-enabled slide show, responsive grid layout, menus, tables etc. make HTML5 KickStart the best option for faster website production. Download


6. 52Framework


Supporting all major browsers, 52Framework serves as an amazing framework for building responsive websites using HTML5 and CSS3. Backed by effective components such as: rounded corners, HTML5 Video players, HTML5 Validation form and HTML5 Canvas examples; 52Framework has been used by leading enterprises across the globe. Download


7. Groundwork

Groundwork Framework
Groundwork Framework

As a yet another remarkable HTML5, CSS and Javascript framework, Groundwork comes loaded with stunning features including responsive text, grid system, support for semantic markup, rapid portotyping and many more. You can use Groundwork for creating accessible and fully scalable web applications that can work virtually on any device. Download


8. CreateJS

An impressive HTML5 framework for web development, CreateJS comes with modular tools and libraries. Features such as Object management, HTML5 audio, tweening etc. make CreateJS one of the best suited frameworks for HTML5 developers. CreateJS comprises of EaselJS, TweenJS, SoundJS and PreloadJS. You can use Adobe Flash Pro CC’s HTML5 documentation feature for building animations, interfaces and asset libarries; followed by exporting them directly to CreateJS. You’ll find that the generated code is thoroughly readable, compact and high performant. Download


9. Montage


Montage is a commendable HTML5 framework used for building modern web applications. Full of amazing features like declarative component model, reusable components and HTML templates, delcarative data binding etc. MontageJS is a contemporary front-end HTML5 Framework which allows you to deliver a remarkable user experience. One of the best things about MontageJS is that it allows designers and developers to work in collaboration with each other. Download


10. Bootstrap

A sleek, powerful and highly intuitive front-end framework, Bootstrap is here to help you with easier and faster web development. Packed with features such as typography, dozens of components, a 12-column responsive grid, Javascript plugins and a web-based Customizer; Bootstrap is a must-use for every web developer. Download



With a better understanding of all the above mentioned Responsive HTML5 frameworks, it would become comfortable for you to create a web interface that is capable of receiving of receiving several applauds.

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