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Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Mobile Users


When it comes to quick and easy website development, WordPress has emerged as a winner. As a webmaster, you can go ahead with design and development of an outstanding website that has the caliber of reaching out to a gigantic audience base. But, creating a WordPress website isn’t enough. Paying due heed to the global outburst of smartphones, it has become imperative to have a mobile presence for your WordPress website. Even Google-the major search engine gaint, recently announced that it would penalize the websites which haven’t been optimized for the mobile devices. Therefore, owning a mobile-friendly website is the only way, you can woo the search engines as well as your targeted customers. Fortunately, WordPress comes loaded with high end plugins that make it quite comfortable to optimize your WP site for the mobile audience. In this write-up, I’ve jotted down ten of the most prolific WordPress plugins which can help you reach out to desktop and mobie users via your web portal. So, get on with unleashing everything about these finest WP plugins custom-made for mobile optimization.

1. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

wptouch plugin
wptouch plugin

As a truly commendable WordPress plugin, Wptouch Mobile plugin will automatically add a simple yet elegant mobile theme into your WordPress website. Whether it’s about customizing the appearance or the user-friendliness of your website, Wptouch Mobile plugin will allow you to do all this and must more for rendering an impressive user experience. You can choose this plugin for gaining a quick access to a wide array of themes custom-made for businesses, personal/corporate blogs and WooCommerce retailers. Some other impressive features available with this plugin include: advanced web font controls, appealing advertising options etc. Download


2. WP Mobile Detector

wpmobile detector

Reaching out to mobile users is simply an install away. Just download and install WP Mobile Detector plugin onto your WordPress website and you’ll be able to cater web pages to users irrespective of the device that they are using. This plugin will automatically detect the device that’s being used for accessing your website and load a mobile-compatible version of the site. Some top-notch features available with this WP plugin include: image resizing, mobile statistics, detection of 5000+ mobile devices, automatically formatted content and many more. Download


3. Jetpack

In addition to rendering a mobile responsive design to your existing WordPress website, Jetpack comes with 33+ features that make it a lot more than a plain WordPress plugin. Features available with the Jetpack WordPress plugin include: full customization, mobile theme, content tools, visitor engagement, security, flexibility to use contact forms, custom CSS etc. Additionally, Jetpack comes with “photon”- a site verification tool that will boost your site’s speed by a laudable level. Download


4. WP plugin

wpsmush it
Installing the WP plugin into your WordPress website will allow you to optimize all your files for access by mobile viistors. This plugin comes with an API which enables you to optimize images by eliminating any non-essential information. Some of the most impressive features available with this WordPress plugin include: stripping image of colors which wouldn’t be used on indexed image, JPEG compression, GIF to indexed PNG file conversion etc. Download


5. WP Mobile Edition

wpmobile edittion
WP Mobile Edition acts as a complete tool-kit for effective mobilization of your WordPress website. There is a mobile switcher which will automatically detect the device that the site is being viewed on and users will be offered the fleixibility of switching from desktop to mobile version of your site. Other features available with WP Mobile Edition include: smart formatting, eight different color schemes, device adaptation, full commenting systems and many more. Download


6. WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0

wordpress mobile pack
WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 has been refurbished to empower WordPress bloggers and publsigers to take a step forward in the world of mobile responsiveness. The plugin is compatible with all major browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10. The best thing about WP Mobile Pack plugin is that it showcases your website as if it was a mobile application. Features such as responsive user interface design, cross-platform access etc. allow you to personalize your website via modificiation in the fonts and colors. Download


7. HandHeld

HandHeld is a remarkable WordPress plugin which works adjacent to your WordPress website’s normal theme. It serves as an impressive alternative layout for your website’s mobile visitors. That means, your website will be displayed perfectly on all modern iOS and Android devices. Brilliant features offered by this WordPress plugin include: AJAX loading, blog layout, shortcodes, page templates, theme options, a myriad of styling options and many more. Download


8. MobilePress

MobilePress plugin can conveniently convert your existing WordPress website into a mobile-friendly version. MobilePress version 1.2 allows the use of custom themes and a range of appealing mobile-friendly settings. With a whopping 10,000+ active installs, MobilePress is a plugin which is compatible with all WordPress versions up to 3.6.1. Download


9. iThemes Mobile

ithemes mobile
As a commendable premium WordPress plugin, iThemes Mobile lets you transform your WP site into a mobile-friendly web portal. Equipped with high-quality mobile-ready themes, this plugin allows you to change the basic color scheme an style for your site’s mobile theme. Thoroughly impressive features of this WordPress theme include: Mobile Theme Style Manager, built-in Custom Header Uploader, Custom Menus/Navigation, MobileStarter themes and many more. Download


10. Duda Mobile Website Builder

duda mobile
The Duda Mobile Website Builder plugin allows you to create a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress website in a fast and time-saving way. Equipped with tons of mobile templates, this plugin is fully compatible with all WordPress themes. Already used by over 5 million websites, Duda Mobile Website Builder plugin won’t affect your regular WordPress website in any manner. Also, you can enjoy the flexibility of choosing between a free, premium or an ad-supported WordPress website. Download

Wrapping it all up

Now, it’s time for you to install any of the aforementioned exquisite WordPress plugins for adding mobile visibility to your existing WordPress website. I’m sure doing this will help you in promoting your products and services deftly.

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