My readers are asking that how do we display message to users that their sessions got expired. So I thought this tutorial will really useful to lots of web developer who working on session based websites.

I have used javascript timing event –  setInterval() – executes a function, over and over again, at specified time intervals

The setInterval() method will wait a specified number of milliseconds, and then execute a specified function, and it will continue to execute the function, once at every given time-interval.

Checking for expired PHP sessions

jQuery Code – executes every 5 seconds

var check_session;
function CheckForSession() {
		var str="chksession=true";
				type: "POST",
				url: "chk_session.php",
				data: str,
				cache: false,
				success: function(res){
					if(res == "1") {
					alert('Your session has been expired!');
check_session = setInterval(CheckForSession, 5000);

In the above javascript function called CheckForSession(), it will called every 5 seconds to check the sessions via chk_session.php

PHP code – chk_session.php

$name = $_SESSION["w3name"];
if($name == '')
	//session expired
	echo "1";
} else {
	//session not expired
    echo "0";

If sessions are empty then the response will be “1”.

I hope you will like this tutorial. You can use this code in your live projects.

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