Parsley.js is a lightweight (12k minified) forms validation JavaScript library with a difference. Instead of validating the forms with JS it uses data attributes to achieve the same effect. It works with both jQuery and Zepto and it is very easy to configure, allowing you to override almost every Parsley default behavior to fit your exact needs.

javascript form validation library
javascript form validation library

 Super #UX focused

User Experience matters. A lot. Parsley is totally aware of that, and is designed to help your users and not bother or frustrate them.

See demonstration.

 Super configurable

Like no other javascript library, Parsley has a full room for #UX concerns and details options. Override almost every Parsley default behaviors to fit your exact needs.

See documentation.

 Super simple

Want to validate a form? Just write it in English with awesome Parsley DOM-API using jQuery data API.

See documentation.

 Super reliable

Form validation is important, #UX is critical. Parsley is shipped almost bugs free to help you on that.

 Super light

Less than 800 lines. Less than 12k minified.
Works with jQuery and Zepto.

Get Latest version.

 Super free

Parsley is open sourceMIT licenced, and developed to help everyone. It will stay that way.

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