ALAJAX is a jQuery plugin that converts a normal HTML form into Ajax by only including the script. It sends the form by AJAX to the URL given in “action” property of the form. Also, the plugin uses the “method” property to use POST or GET method.

Normal HTML Form into AJAX Form
Normal HTML Form into AJAX Form


  • Converts forms into AJAX simply.
  • No programming background needed.
  • Works with Dynamic Forms (forms that is updated by Javascript)
  • Lightweight code (3KB uncompressed).
  • Easy to understand and to modify.
  • Cool for Developers, designers and website owners

How to use it

  • Include the jQuery script to your webpage.
  • Include ALAJAX script. (<script src=”alajax.js”></script>)
  • Run the code by:
    $(document).ready(function (){
  • #ID could be The Form ID or DIV ID


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