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Free Jquery Tour Plugin



  • Dynamic Display Time
  • Multi Page Support
  • Exposure Feature
  • 9 Positions: n, e, s, w, nw, ne, se, sw, c
  • 6 Tour Callbacks
  • 5 Step Callbacks
  • powerful API
  • Percentage Callbacks
  • Smooth Scroll
  • 8 included Styles
  • 6 included Examples

The duration of each step is depending on its content. If you have more content your customer will have more time to read it. You can overwrite each step explicitly with an abolute value or change a global speed property.

To fully throw attention to an element or detail the tour offers an exposure functionality which helps to keep your eyes away from secondary content.

You can use your keyboard to navigate through the steps (left and right arrows) speed up (up arrow) or slow down (down arrow) the tour. Press the space bar to pause or hit ESC to stop the tour.

To display the box on every imageable place on your website you can define the position of the box. Choose one of the follwing positions:
(n)orth, (e)ast, (s)outh, (w)est, (ne)ast, (nw)est, (sw)est, (se)ast and (c)enter

This item comes with eight premade style variations. Perfect to start to start with. You can easily create a custom style which matches your brand.

If your next step is outside the viewport of the browser the plugin smoothly scrolls the window to the next step. This works on both axis or can be limited to a single one.

Determine up to 100 callbacks in every single steps. A powerful API helps you to interact with the tour easily.

Position each step individually. You can do this with absolute or relative positions. Furthermore you can



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