Hi guys, I have got this HTML5 and CSS3 eBook from one of my friend. This book was really awesome and cool to me. It has all the topics from html5 to design a rich interactive websites. I’m sure this free eBook helps you to gain knowledge on HTML5 and CSS3.

So I would like to share this html5 and css3 ebook to my members who visiting my site regularly

Free HTML5 and CSS3 eBook
HTMl5 CSS3 eBook

This free html5 and css3 ebook contains the following topics

Table of Contents

1 An Overview of HTML5 and CSS3

11 A Platform for We b Development

12 Backward Compatibility

13 The Road to the Future Is Bumpy

Part I—Improving User Interfaces

2 New Structural Tags and Attributes

Tip 1 Redefining a Blog Using Semantic Markup

Tip 2 Creating Pop-up Windows with Custom Data Attributes

3 Creating User-Friendly Web Forms

Tip 3 Describing Data with New Input Fields

Tip 4 Jumping to the First Field with Autofocus

Tip 5 Providing Hints with Placeholder Text

Tip 6 In-Place Editing with contenteditable

4 Making Better User Interfaces with CSS3

Tip 7 Styling Tables with Pseudoclasses

Tip 8 Making Links Printable with :after and content

Tip 9 Creating Multicolumn Layouts

Tip 10 Building Mobile Interfaces with Media Queries

5 Improving Accessibility

Tip 11 Providing Navigation Hints with ARIA Roles

Tip 12 Creating an Accessible Updatable Region

Part II—New Sights and Sounds

6 Drawing on the Canvas

Tip 13 Drawing a Logo

Tip 14 Graphing Statistics with RGraph

7 Embedding Audio and Video

71 A Bit of History

72 Containers and Codecs

Tip 15 Wor ki ng with Audio

Tip 16 Embedding Video

8 Eye Candy

Tip 17 Rounding Rough Edges

Tip 18 Wor ki ng with Shadows, Gradients, and Transformations

Tip 19 Using Real Fonts

Part III—Beyond HTML5

9 Wor ki ng with Client-Side Data

Tip 20 Saving Preferences with localStorage

Tip 21 Storing Data in a Client-Side Relational Database

Tip 22 Wor ki ng Offline

10 Playing Nicely with Other API

Tip 23 Preserving History

Tip 24 Talking Across Domain

Tip 25 Chatting with We b Sockets

Tip 26 Finding Yourself: Geolocation

11 Where to Go Next

111 CSS3 Transitions

112 We b Wor kers

113 Native Drag-and-Drop Support

114 We bGL

115 Indexed Database API

116 Client-Side Form Validati

117 Onward!

A Features Quick Reference

A1 New Elements

A2 Attributes

A3 Forms

A4 Form Field Attributes

A5 Accessibility

A6 Multimedia


A8 Client-Side Storage

A9 Additional APIs

B jQuery Prime

B1 Loading jQuery

B2 jQuery Basics

B3 Methods to Modify Content

B4 Creating Elements

B5 Events

B6 Document Ready

C Encoding Audio and Video

C1 Encoding Audio

C2 Encoding Video for the Web

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