Here I am going to tell How to convert your normal dropdown menus into fixed bar at the top panel while scrolling.

Feature likes

  • Dropdown menus
  • Fixed top panel while scrolling
  • Complete navigation bar
  • Color customization.

Before Scrolling

How to use?

Load the Jquery.js script into head section and add the below code into head section

$(function () {
	var $doc = $(document), $win = $(window), $chaser, $forch,
		forchBottom, visible;
	function shown() {
		visible = true;
	function hidden() {
		visible = false;
	$chaser = $('#header').clone().hide().appendTo(document.body).wrap("<div class='chaser'></div>");
	$forch = $('.forchaser').first();
	forchBottom = $forch.height() + $forch.offset().top;
	$win.bind('scroll', function () {
		var top = $doc.scrollTop();
		if (!visible && top > forchBottom) {
			$chaser.slideDown(300, shown);
		} else if (visible && top < forchBottom) {
			$chaser.slideUp(200, hidden);
$(function($){ $("ul.sf-menu").supersubs({minWidth:13, maxWidth:30, extraWidth:0}).superfish({hoverClass:'sfHover', pathClass:'sf-active', pathLevels:0, delay:500, animation:{height:'show'}, speed:'def', autoArrows:1, dropShadows:0}) });

After Scrolling

The logic behind this idea is very simple. There are two divs. I just take the content from the first div and append into the second one while scrolling. I made the second div as fixed. Thats it..

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