10 Main Features in PHP 6

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  1. Hello. I certainly appreciate the nod to my book, but I’m quite stunned that you’d post this in 2012. Not only is PHP 6 NOT a popular term among developers, PHP 6 is very much dead in the water. When I wrote the book, PHP 6 was about 50% complete, but it long since died. In fact, I just completed the fourth edition of that book, and removed all references to PHP 6 that were in it.

    Further, almost all of the “Top 10 Main Features of PHP 6” that you reference have since been incorporated into PHP 5.2, 5.3, and the forthcoming 5.4. It’s your blog, of course, but I would recommend you remove this post. No offense intended, but its inaccuracies will reflect poorly on you.

    Just my two cents worth. Again, I appreciate the book mention and what you’re trying to do here.

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